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There are many techniques and theories that are involved in olympic lifting but one thing remains consistent among all lifters… The use of the HOOK GRIP. Hook grip is when you wrap your thumb around the bar and grab it with you other fingers. When you are first learning to use hook grip it can be uncomfortable. Most athletes will tape their thumbs so that they can protect their thumbs and also the tape allows them to grab their thumb and hold on easier.

Reasons to use hook grip:

1)Hook grip allows you to relax your arms and avoid an early arm bend. An early arm bend can lead to force reduction so you will not be able to clean or snatch to your potential. More often then not an early arm bend also means that you are using your arms more then your legs. I ask the question which is stronger your arms or your legs? Answer your legs (who would of thought), so we want to use our arms only as a mechanism to hold onto the bar and nothing else.

2)This grip also does not allow the bar to slip out of our hands like we have seen many times. When the bar spins one way it is caught in your thumb, when it spins the other it is caught by the fingers. There is no way that it can escape from your hand.

Coach Mike T.

PS. We are kickstarting a Weightlifting 101 course on April 24th that will run until May 20th. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mike T. or CrossFit Sweat Angel. A assessment and program will be done prior to the course and we are only taking 6 athletes.