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ESAC 14 WOD Announcement #2

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“Black Diamond”

Infinity Ladder (3,6,9,12,15,18, etc.)

Ski Erg Calories
Dumbbell Snatch

*8 minute clock
*2 ski ergs per team
*2 dumbbells per team(1 for men, 1 for women)
RX: 75/50    Scaled: 50/35

In your team of three, you will work for 8 mins to climb as high as you can in the ladder. Reps increase by 3 each round. 2 athletes will work simultaneously to complete the required # of calories on the ski erg…both ergs must read that rounds calorie count. After both ergs have reached the required # of calories for that round (ex: both ergs read 3 cals), a teammate will then begin alternating arm dumbbell snatches. Only one athlete may work on the dumbbell at a time, however, reps may be shared as needed. Calories on the ski erg may also be shared (ex: Team is on round of 15 reps, one athlete skis 10 cals and another athlete jumps on to complete the last 5 calories). Both ergs still must read 15 cals before moving onto the dumbbell.

Your score will be the number of rounds completed plus any reps completed into the next round. EX: if your team completed the round of 18, and at the 8 min mark ski erg one read 16 calories and ski erg 2 read 21 calories, your team’s score is 18+37.