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Environment Change for Lifestyle Change

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It’s been one week since Sweat Angel kicked off it’s January 2018 Eat Clean, Live Clean Lifestyle Challenge.  We are learning how to eat, how to sleep, how to stretch, and how to find creative ways to incorporate exercise into our busy, daily lives.  Believe it or not,  your environment effects your habits, and sometimes we need to change this before we can make the change to our health and nutrition.

If you are not in the challenge, its OK!  Here are 18 tips to help you tweak your environment that will improve your eating habits, and lead to healthier lifestyle changes…

  1. Subscribe to a meal delivery provider:
    Let someone else cook the healthy meal and bring it to you.
  2. Keep the sweets out of the house:
    Make it harder and less convenient for you to reach high-calorie, low nutrition, easy to overeat foods.
  3. Use a meal plan:
    Failing to plan is planning to fail.  Make decisions in advance and work from a template.
  4. Keep chopped, ready-to-eat veggies in the fridge:
    Make them easy to access by placing them in the front of the fridge.
  5. Do not grocery shop hungry:
    This will led to throwing items in the cart that are not on the list!  Get in and get out efficiently.
  6. Keep shake-ready ingredients in the freezer:
    Frozen fruit can be dumped into a blender with a scoop of protein powder, yogurt, etc., for a quick healthy meal.
  7. Keep a batch of cooked grains handy:
    Think rice…something that can be re-heated quickly and still tastes great.
  8. Help your kitchen coach you:
    Keep your kitchen clean, pleasant and clutter-free so you feel relaxed and actually enjoy being in it.
  9. Put on your sneakers:
    Just having them on your feet helps you to feel active.
  10. Keep workout gear in your face:
    Invest in some equipment such as kettle bells, resistance bands, dumbbells, or a pullup bar.
  11. Pack your “mobile gym” when you travel:
    Try to book hotel rooms with a gym or pool, but if necessary, bring along some of your workout equipment to use in the room.
  12. Turn your car into a locker room:
    Always be prepared with gym clothes (don’t forget your sneakers!), a healthy snack, a shaker bottle and scoop of protein.
  13. Schedule your workouts:
    Put them on your calendar and treat them like any other appointment.
  14. Move social gatherings to parks and gyms:
    It doesn’t always have to be at a bar or in a restaurant.  Make your next date at the gym, at a park, trampoline park, bike trail, etc.
  15. Have only half a car:
    Share a car with a friend or a partner, so you’re forced to have to walk or ride a bike at times.
  16. Combine walking and working:
    Move while you brainstorm…avoid sitting at the desk all day.
  17. Separate yourself from your work once per hour:
    Work for 50 minutes, then step away for 10 minutes.  Cycle in some squats, stretches, etc.  This will help with energy and focus.
  18. Turn family and friends into coaches:
    Be explicit with friends and family, that you are trying to eat better and get fit.  Tell them WHY and HOW important it is to you that you have support from them.  They don’t have to participate, but they should not be trying to sabotage your success and efforts.

Does your environment support healthy lifestyle change?  If not, fix it!