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CFSA March Newsletter

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PAST: What did you miss?

Nutrition Challenge

A HUGE congrats to Angie Hunter who worked her butt off…literally…for 8 long weeks, coming out on top as the CFSA Nutrition Challenge overall winner!  Angie participated in every weekly weigh in, and achieved each one of her training and nutrition goals set.  All of the participants showed unbelievable progress and dedication.  Keep grinding and setting/achieving those goals!

PRESENT: What are you doing now?

CF Open 2017

The open season has officially kicked off!  We came together as a team and conquered 17.1,  and we will continue to throw down every Saturday for the next 4 weeks.  This is a chance to set personal goals, compete with yourself, and encourage your fellow athletes.  If you have not registered, it is not too late…friends don’t let friends suffer alone!

**Remember to submit your scores for validation before the deadline

**If you can not attend the Saturday morning groups, contact a coach to find a certified judge and get after it when you can

365 in 365

On January 1st, we challenged you to 365 miles in 365 days.  Between the rower, ski erg, and assault bike, we’ve been racking up the miles.  But, now that the nice weather is upon us, it’s time to hit the pavement!  A mile before or a mile after a WOD is great warm-up/cool-down.

FUTURE: What will you be doing?



CrossFit Sweat Angel will be hosting the 14th installment of the Eastern Shore Affiliate Challenge on Saturday, April 8th.  This event is a 3-person team event.  Teams may be comprised of male/male/female or female/female/male.  Divisions will include RX and Scaled.  This is meant to be inclusive and most of all, FUN!  Grab your teammates, give yourselves some crazy, cliche name, and register today! Who will be deemed the “fittest on the shore?”