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Busting Myths on the Window of Gains…

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How many times have you heard this?….”you gotta get that post- workout protein shake in 30 minutes after completing your workout or you will miss the opportunity for the “window of gains.””

We’ve all done it and/or still do it.  But, research has shown that there really is no immediate benefit to having that protein shake within those 30 minutes.  Yes, your muscles are more sensitive to protein post-exercise, but this sensitivity can actually last up to 24 hours.  Now, what this does not mean is that you can wait 24 hours for your next protein intake.

In reality, your protein intake post-workout really depends on your protein intake pre-workout.  The anabolic effects from protein last between 4-5 hours, IF you are taking in a protein source from a whole meal.  For example, steak and potatoes or eggs and oatmeal.  This means that if you consume a meal 2 hours before working out, hit an hour long workout, you now have roughly 2 hours before you really need protein to keep that anabolism spike up.

With that being said, there really is no detriment to quickly taking it in either, so continue to do what works best for you; however, don’t fret about leaving your shaker bottle on the kitchen counter on your way out of the house in the morning.  When you get home from the gym that evening, mix it up and chug it down!