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5 Tips for Better Wall Ball Shots!!

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(Click picture for video on YouTube)

If you struggle with wall ball shots you should watch this video and read this article!

There are many ways not to do wall ball shots, and we have collected the most common and demonstrated them. We have also made a list of 5 technique improvements that will help your wall ball shots!

5 Tips to improve your wall ball shots

  1. Stand about an arm length away from the wall and/or target, you don’t want to be right underneath the target or really far back. This will cause the ball to change direction unexpectedly.
  2. Your feet should be in a comfortable squatting stance that you can reach full depth in. This means that they will most likely be about shoulder width or a little wider.
  3. Both hands should be in contact with the ball on each side. If one  hand is higher then the other this will cause you to shoot the ball like a free throw, which will burn one shoulder out really fast.
  4. Chin should be touching the ball. This allows you to distribute the weight evenly and also not let the torso angle dip down and put ourselves in a compromised position.
  5. Lastly, you should keep the elbows tucked. You will end up loosing a little power output from flaring the elbows.

Your favorite coaches,

Mike Georgules and Mike Tillinghast