Camden’s Premier CrossFit Gym

Does your workout need a boost? At Sweat Angel Fitness, we offer high-level fitness that will push you in the right direction. Our coaches provide the best training possible. That means expert instruction as well as physical and mental support. We’ve created a warm and welcoming environment that breeds community and progress.

From newcomers to professionals, our staff treats everyone with the same respect and care. We’re invested in your goals and want to see you achieve them. Are you ready to take your first step towards fitness?

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Strive for progress, not perfection.

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Our Facility

Sweat Angel Fitness is a 7,500-square-foot facility with countless tools and amenities for you to choose from. We offer top-tier equipment and great coaches to ensure you get the most from your workouts. There are a variety of programs for men, women, and children of all ages. We also have two sports therapists onsite who specialize in soft-tissue release techniques and muscular re-education. We believe everyone, no matter their fitness level, can enjoy a fun, effective and safe fitness experience.

  • Well-rounded, challenging and fun programming for all levels alike. Whether you've been there a week or have been an athlete there for years, everyone is so supportive and wants you to succeed as much as you want yourself to.

    Wendy Flannery

  • A very friendly venue. Coaches really know their stuff. The WODs are challenging and fun. The box is very well equipped and one of the largest ones I've been to! I would recommend a drop in to anyone!

    Kat Jones

  • All the coaches are encouraging and uplifting. Everyone is at different levels and that's perfectly OK. You're encouraged to do your best. Great environment, great workout, great people!

    Danielle Leigh Vincent